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Feb 4, 3 0. Good Luck! MGGSound said:.

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When you say it has "4 ports" do you mean 4 USB ports? That would mean that it was released in or It won't really scream with certain rendering tasks, it won't be able to run the max voice count for PT 10, and he might not be able to run a RTAS Real-Time Audio-Suite plugin on every track.

Antares iLok Authorization

In-other-words, PT 10 should work on the machine. It isn't ideal, but it works. If it starts to bog-down I just render stems and import the data into a leaner session.

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I won't ever try to install PT 10 on it MGGSound is also correct that he will need an iLok. PT 10 won't even launch without a valid authorization code on an iLok. He should not try to run his sessions off the internal drive and external USB 2 drives are not recommended. The student version is the same as the "full" version. It's a good deal. It's really not worth it for a project studio. Avid does not recommend that machine with Pro Tools You should also check out Abelton. Though I'm not sure how well the latest versions of either of those platforms, Abelton or Logic, will perform on a Mac Mini.


Especially if it's a Core Solo. He already owns a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. I'm in an Audio Engineering program right now and my next financial aid check is going towards a new i7 server Mini. But that base model is plenty capable. THanks so much for the well thought out and helpful advice. I need a little more now that I've ruled out Pro Tools: So I am getting his mac mini looked at right now.

Last edited: Dec 21, Mar 14, 24 Get the new one. Sell the old Mini.

Plug-in Support

They have surprisingly strong resale value. Error Type macrumors member. Sep 16, 77 0. Get the new Mini But if you choose to stick with the current one, get the oldest version of PT you can find - there's not much difference between them - that will run with the version of OSX you plan to use.

If you have not already done so, download Revoice Pro from here and install it on your computer. You can install all the above, or customize the installation to only install the plug-ins for your preferred Digital Audio Workstations. Remember, Revoice Pro is a stand alone program , so you will need to start it each time you want to use it. Revoice Pro can run in a Trial Mode but it will require an iLok license which you can obtain from the Synchro Arts website.

Once you have obtained and installed the Trial license as described below, Revoice Pro will run in a fully functional demonstration mode for the number of days shown when you open it.


If you already have a Revoice Pro license installed on an iLok USB Key that is plugged into the computer running Revoice Pro, you can skip the rest of this section on authorization. Revoice Pro uses the iLok system described on www. You can have licenses from Synchro Arts and other software vendors on the same iLok.

If you followed the above procedures correctly, and the iLok Key with the relevant license is inserted in the computer running Revoice Pro, it should run in an authorized mode by simply launching Revoice Pro. If you subsequently try to run Revoice Pro without the iLok inserted into your computer you will receive a warning message. Follow the instructions in the warning to reauthorize the software. If the iLok is removed Revoice Pro will allow you to save your session and then close. For further information on iLok, go to www.

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