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Galatasaray maci

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Popüler Yayınlar

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Lion Laru - Alexey Kryshkin

Dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit. Egestas fringilla phasellus faucibus scelerisque eleifend. In the midst of all this chaos they are still bringing players to the club. One of them is Aydin Karabulut, a player who should be watched. If Batuhan uses his chances better we will memorize his name in all the Besiktas games. He was also wanted by Manchester City.

Eskişehirspor 0-1 Beşiktaş - Maç Özeti (26.09.1987)

After underachieving last season the board brought in Samet Aybaba as manager. However, the signing of ex-Kayserispor goalkeeper Ivankov is one the best pieces of business of the summer. Importantly, Belarusian Maxim Romaschenko can be the difference between being competitive in the Super Lig and not.

A team which once competed in the UEFA Cup and knocked out French champions Lyon but lost to eventual winners Porto in the season, will try to stay away from the bottom of the table for this season. They finished last season in 7th place, a real surprise given their limited facilities. According to the transfermarkt.


They will try to stay in the league with their youth and unknown players which looks so hard. Eskisehirspor The real Anatolian legend has returned to his home. They were the first team which had pushed to be champions in the early years of the Turkish First League. Between they finished 2nd three times, and twice in 3rd and 4th position. They are the one of the Anatolian teams who won the Turkish Cup in its early seasons too. Also in the season they made history, knocking out Spanish side Sevilla on aggregate. But after all this history they were relegated in to the second league.

Despite the fact that they made a good start to the season they almost lost their chance to win promotion. They finally managed to book their ticket to the Super Lig in the play-off games. They won their first play-off game after a penalty thriller and in the final they won Like every promoted team in Turkey their board have started to change things. They signed a new coach and 16 players. Every football fan would like too see Eskisehir in the Super Lig for the next few seasons because of their great stadium and atmosphere, but staying up will be tough enough for them.

They became successful with a limited bench but this year they bought eight players to strenghten the team. Two of them are important first team players including Cameroonian Herve Tum and left winger Faruk Bayar. Selling Bulgarian Ivan Cvetkov though could be the wrong decision. Also if they could hold onto Ugur Yildirim they will be stronger than last year.

Trabzonspor The big brother of all Anatolian teams had a sensational summer buying more than 20 players. After fininshing in an unsatisfactory place in the league former national team manager Ersun Yanal changed the whole team. We will see what he is going to do. Song could be the key player for them this season. Flying Guinea winger Ibrahima Yattara was made the new club captain, and this extra responsibility could take his performances onto the next level.

Yattara can be a really careless player but Ersun Yanal thinks that the captaincy will improve his behaviour. Although they are the one the biggest teams, in my opinion they are going to be the surprise team of the Super Lig.

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  7. Just a few years ago Gaziantepspor was the team most sides were frightened of visiting, but they were almost relegated last season. After changing their president of 12 years they lost their place in the top half of the table. Their strongest area is undoubtedly midfield. They have some young and experienced players, and if manager Nurullah Saglam can find a good balance for that area they will push themselves to their limits and find their way back to the top half again. Having just two strikers will make the task of scoring harder.

    Hacettepe SK. After beating Phoenix last Wednesday in overtime, the team has gone just Anaheim Ducks vs. Colorado Avalanche - Feb 06, The Anaheim Ducks will look to solidify their place atop the Pacific division when they take on the struggling Colorado Avalanche Anaheim is coming off three major wins.