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They do many useful things. I use these all the time and suggest you get them unless they are already incorporated in your version of Photoshop. Holy cow! This plug-in magically removes years and blemishes off people's skin. Just try it, you'll love it!

I use it on every image of a woman I need to make look beautiful. Nik Dfine 2. I have a separate page on this at that link. It outperforms Grain Surgery below. Visual Infinity Grain Surgery.


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My baby Ryan. Roll mouse over to see without Grain Surgery. The baby was swinging his feet, causing their blur. This is a real application. I took a slightly noisy compact-camera image and cleaned it up without smearing the image. The results are subtle, and much better than the original shot.

Most noise reduction demos show really crummy images and then attempt to rescue them; I prefer to take reasonably OK images and make them even better. It was developed for places like NASA.


It allows you to reduce grain from film or digital camera images while retaining details. You also can match grain for when you are trying to composite images from different sources, and add all sorts of different grains for artistic effect. I found an extraordinary unintended application of its "remove grain" function is that it can make a woman look 10 - 20 years younger! It removes the wrinkles, and leaves the details in teeth and eyes! It costs more than double what the ASF item above costs, and I find it works a little better, too.

It also offers three other modes I don't use: one for adding grain for effect , matching grain for compositing several images together from different sources and having the gain match, making the final image appear not to be a composite and sampling grain for use in duplicating a look. Photoshop CS2 adds a noise filter which may obsolete this. There are many other NR software packages out there like Noise Ninja and others. I have work to do, so I'm happy with Grain Surgery and haven't had the time to spend playing with the others.

I now prefer Nik Dfine 2.

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This plug in helps remove noise and grain without losing sharpness. It can improve noisy and grainy images from film and digital cameras set to high speeds. This is great: yes, you can bump up the speed of your digital camera and this software can help eliminate the grain without losing the sharpness! The PRO version works even better. Download the demos and try for yourself. Photoshop CS2 adds a noise reducer that may obsolete this.

Nik Color Efex Pro 2. This is a package of many, many useful creative tools. I say useful because most of the "creative" tools out there just make things worse. If you want a tobacco grad you'll need this. There are too many filters to go into, including effects for turning ordinary images into cross-processing, various kinds of infra-red, and even adding sunlight to overcast days. Go and try it out; I love it. You could spend a lifetime with this plug-in and not tire of it. Don't underestimate this program. Times change. There are several versions of nik Color Efex Pro 2.

As of Photoshop CS this plugin has been rendered obsolete. Prior to Photoshop CS, I found this plug-in fantastic for restoring detail and color to dark shadows and underexposed images, or many images that simply were made with imperfect lighting.

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You may think that you can get the same effects by clever use of curves and levels, but no. This works better than anything I can create for restoring defects in lighting or exposure. The more expensive PRO version offers the very helpful ability to select just the shadows for correction, saving you the need to do that separately in regular SHO, and also tries to fix blown out highlights.

On my computer anyway PRO also runs much faster. I wish software makers wouldn't make these things so complicated for us so we could just buy one version and not have to wonder about it. This attempts to restore faded colors. Sometimes it's a huge and fast help, but half of the time it's not.

It isn't a cure all, but often very useful and fast. For images with which it works well it's almost magic and works almost instantly, saving a lot of time over twiddling this the old way. In January a PRO version was introduced. It offers a bigger preview image, a brightness control, contrast control with black and white clipping capability, bit support, optimization for digital or film images, and a better user interface with what seems like faster update speeds and overall operation. When you get a digital camera you will have hundreds of new files shot every day.

You probably haven't thought about this if you are new, but the second day you have your camera you very quickly will realize that there is no way you can open every file just to see what you've shot. In effect you need an electronic light table to see what you've got and then flip through each image quickly at full size to edit. That's what these programs do. All of them also offer the ability to rotate your images and make web galleries so that you can post or burn to CD large masses of images so that normal people without this software also can see what you've got.

Phase One Media Pro SE Review | The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Photoshop CS and CS2 have these features built in, and some digital cameras come with utilities to do this, too. Personally I bought and love iView. I use this every day to sort out my images. It's fast and good, which is very important when you have something like the 75, images I've snapped off in the past 3 years.

It originally was Mac only. There are many things called iView, I'm talking about the one from England which is the standard program used by graphic designers. It is the way I sort and view images and it also can make automated web galleries like what you see here.

Finally - A solution for iView MediaPro custom annotations prMac

You can download a pretty good version for a 30 day trial, so go try it. Make sure to buy it a few days before the trial expires because their so-called e-commerce site took a couple of days to get me my key to unlock the full program, at least when I first bought it some years ago.

It leaves everything else alone, and even puts you in control of where you want to store the catalog file. There aren't any secret files moving around and it never messes with your images. This catalog is created the first time you look at a bunch of photos. The next time you look at the catalog it opens instantly and navigates instantly, again with huge thumbnails to your choosing.