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Ephnic Screen Recorder for Mac makes it a breeze to create and share your screencasts around the web. Enjoy recording online videos at your convenience. Record video calls with friends and family and add to your collection of video memories. There are three options available in Ephnic Screen Recorder for Mac.

You may record full screen of your computer desktop, record a specific application window, or record a portion of your screen. With Ephnic Screen Recorder for Mac, now you can set the duration of time in minutes and seconds you want to record. Once recorded, your screencast can be converted to some media format, including those specifically for your Apple devices. Other applications record directly to a final movie format. Using Screenflick, you record a movie once, then you can create small, low-bandwidth movies, large, high-quality movies, and even export to different file formats, without having to record all over again or use another program.

Another great feature unique to Screenflick is the ability to test your export settings.

Top 5 Free Screen Recorders for Mac

Rather than picking some quality settings, exporting the entire movie, and hoping the result is what you wanted, use "Quick Test" to export a short 15 second clip of the movie, verify the export settings are right where you want them to be, and then export the entire movie with confidence. Use Screenflick Remote to control Screenflick running on your Mac. Using the remote, you can start a recording, pause, resume, and stop, all without the Screenflick interface being visible in your final recording.

You can even control Screenflick running on multiple Macs at the same time!

This is just another example of how Screenflick helps you make a great screen recordings on your Mac. Not only can you record the entire Mac screen, but you can also record a part of the screen. This keeps your movie focused, and saves disk space and processing power for other applications. For times when you want to record fullscreen but export at a lower resolution, you can record at a smaller scale, saving precious performance and battery for other tasks. Show off your hours-worth-of-work project in a minutes-long movie.

Record a movie at a super low frame rate, then speed it up on export to create time-lapse screen captures. Perfect for exhibiting your digital art skills.

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Before exporting your screen recording, you can preview the movie with all of the keyboard and mouse options. Start, stop and scrub through your video with audio playback as well. In Screenflick you can create presets for your video, audio, keyboard, and mouse options.

16 Best Screen Recording & Capture Software for Mac ()

Fine tune your settings and save them as a preset, so you can use them later in a snap. You can also export to other formats, such as Windows Media, using QuickTime component plugins. Put your stamp on it. You can also add metadata tags which will be embedded into the movie file. Mac screen recording with audio, keystrokes, and mouse clicks. Joyoshare Screen Recorder is able to record screen with audio simultaneously, including both microphone and system sounds on Mac. To meet different recording needs, Joyoshare Mac Screen Recorder can be used to accomplish any recording task, including capturing desktop videos, online movies, streaming music, webcams, webinars, lectures, Skype video calls, live chats, games, podcasts, and so forth.

Using the Screen Recorder in Mac OS X

It can also be used as an independent audio capture to record audio tracks only. Equipped with thoughtful recording modes, the fully-featured Joyoshare Screen Recorder allows you to record all your Mac screen activities either in full screen, custom area, or standard resolutions, such as x, x, x, etc.

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  • Best of all, it supports scheduled recording so that you can customize the recording duration by setting the start and end time in advance without staying in front of the computer. Moreover, during the recording process, you are free to take any screenshot as you like. In order to make it easier to use, Joyoshare Screen Recorder provides options for you to personalize recording shortcuts so that you can start and stop the capturing with the keyboard instead of cursor.

    In addition, it's able to make your recordings more fantastic by adding effects to cursor and clicks while you are capturing the screen. Once done with the screen recording, you can preview the recorded files one by one and edit the name and ID3 tags of the recordings in your own way.