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How to Troubleshoot Your Mac’s Fan
  1. MacBook Pro Overheating? Top 10 Fixes (& Pro Tips to Prevent It)
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Remember, sometimes the best solution is also the easiest. Place your Mac on a stable work surface. The four rubber feet on the bottom will ensure there is enough air circulation to dissipate the heat your Mac generates. Similar to softer surfaces, dust and dirt in your Mac — especially in the fans — will make it warmer. This is because Macs rely on vents to dissipate heat. The Retina MacBook Pro also has vents on the underside. First, you can use a little brush to remove dust and dirt. If you have time and the right tools, consider opening it up and cleaning internal components like fans and CPUs.

This video shows how:. I experience this all the time. But one thing that really annoys me is that pages on these websites tend to contain lots of flash ads and video content. They also auto play, which uses up more system resources than you might think.

Adblock Plus is an amazing plugin that works with all major web browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox and more. Once you add it, it automatically blocks web ads from displaying.

MacBook Pro Overheating? Top 10 Fixes (& Pro Tips to Prevent It)

Another perk is that it helps speed up slow Internet on your Mac. Unfortunately, by the time I wrote this guide, I noticed some big news sites learned this trick and blocked their plugin, asking visitors to remove it in order to view their content…ouch! SMC, short for System Management Controller, is a chip in your Mac that runs many physical parts of the machine including its cooling fans. Typically, an SMC reset helps resolve hardware-related issues, and is harmless.

See this article for more indicators that your SMC might need to be reset. First, shut down your MacBook and plug in the power adapter, which puts your Mac in charge mode. After a few seconds, release the keys and turn on your Mac. If you want a video tutorial, check this out:. Spotlight is a convenient feature that allows you to quickly search all the files on your Mac.

When you migrate larger files, or your MacBook gets upgraded to a newer OS X for example, macOS Sierra , it might take a while for Spotlight to index content on the hard drive. How do you know if Spotlight is under index process? This thread has more. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop Spotlight indexing process once it starts. Depending on your hard drive usage and other factors, it may take up to several hours, so be patient.

Learn how from this Apple tip. Apple Macs know how to adjust the fan speed automatically. Manually controlling the fan speed could cause extra issues, even damage your Mac, if done inappropriately. Removing apps on a Mac is usually very easy. Just drag and drop the app to Trash and empty the Trash. In rare cases, you may need to manually clean up the associated files. If you have some apps to remove, you can also use CleanMyMac , as the Uninstaller feature allows you to do so in batch. The Uninstaller feature in CleanMyMac.

If you bought one online, it could be fake and might not work well with your MacBook Pro, thereby causing overheating problem and other issues. Check it out. Also, try to avoid shopping from online marketplaces, other than the official store, for Apple components. Every computer has its own limit.

Fix Thermal Throttling on Your Mac?!

Try not to run too many apps unless you have to. Turn off fancy animations that may tax precious system resources. Restart more often, and let your Mac sleep for a while as you do. I hope you find this troubleshooting guide helpful. For Apple fans, MacBooks are like our working partners. However, they should give you some clues about what might be causing your MacBook Pro to run hot.

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Let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below! I wish I could understand the real impact of this on the long term of the computer. But nevertheless, it was a great, very informative read. Thanks a lot! Thanks for your feedback. But thanks for sharing your experience anyway. Btw, are you interested in writing an article on the topic?

Probably the high temperatures will melt the welds and the motherboard will no longer work… good luck. Also, I heard that there are covers that allow ventilation, you may turn to the manufacturer to figure out. Today, I closed the lid of my MacBbook before leaving class, and put it in a padded bag.

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What is the ideal temperature of a cpu/inside the macbook pro?

When I got home, the MacBook was really hot, and the fans were on. Have I permanently damaged my MacBook? Sorry for the late response. In your case, there could be third-party apps were still running and over-consuming the Mac system resources, plus the bag has limited space for venting heat — your laptop body temperature might quickly increase. I had the exact same problem as Gustavo, and I fixed it by doing the SMC reset that you described in your article. Thanks JP, because among many articles, yours is the one that guided me to the right solution.

I think you might be interested in getting a plugin called Adblock Plus, which helps automatically block flash ads on a web page.

Why is my Mac overheating?

I tried the plugin before and it definitely helped ease my Mac a bit. The battery literally drained twice during this evening. Unless you're using your MacBook in an abnormally warm environment i.

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I don't mean to get too technical, but you can think of the entire unibody as a rather large heatsink that conducts heat away from your Mac another reason why sometimes the entire computer feels warm and not just one region. The nature of conductive heat transfer is that the case itself won't get that hot unless it's insulated to near perfection. The system will slow down the processor to keep the internal thermal temperatures in line, but most modern cell phones, tablets and computers will get warmer than most people feel is proper and run just fine for extended periods of time.

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If a store is close, you might make an appointment and have them run diagnostics - just because they are designed to be within the specs - failures can happen on the chips and on the sensors to make yours painfully hot. I would always have someone trained look over something you feel could be a fire risk or dangerous no matter what I say is normal.

The aluminum chassis of the MacBook works as a heat sink itself. Translates the internal heat to the outside. It's normal that the housing is quite hot, always within a limit. To follow up on comments relating to fans, I am unsure why posters are stating that "entire line of MacBooks have no fans," because they do have fans. All of them. It is true that they use their cases as heat sinks, but they also all utilize fans. You can monitor your internal temps with apps such as smc fan control.