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How To Choose A Good Laptop for Music Production
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If you are going to be connecting to a monitor, go for the 13 inch to save yourself some cash. On the other hand, if the laptop screen will be your only screen, you might appreciate the extra real estate to work with. Although the keys on the keyboard require an initial learning curve, they are large, flat, and easy to press. This replaces your normal function keys, offering quick functions within specific applications. This is designed to increase productivity and is completely customizable. If you use Logic Pro X or Garageband, this will benefit you even more, as Apple has built in many different functions for these programs involving the touch bar.

Otherwise, view it as just an extra option. However, adapters are available, and since the Thunderbolt port is quite versatile you can accomplish whatever you need with an adapter or docking station. But since the Macbook Pro is such a popular laptop, you can also find older models on sale for much lower prices.

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In fact, their specs alone make all of their laptops incredibly suitable for producers. Every model is outfitted with latest generation of Intel i7 processors with speeds of no less than 3. There are three different types of Razer Blades you can choose from. These include the Razer Blade Stealth Razer Blade Stealth It weighs less than 3 pounds, comes with a 3. This laptop is also studio friendly, because it has 2 USB 3. This laptop will undoubtedly crush any task the average producer will throw at it. Because of all this, we highly recommend it!

Razer Blade Stealth is one of the most compact, yet powerful computers on the market. This model does everything the stealth does, and more. The Razer Blade is still incredibly slim, at 0. This model features a quad-core Intel i7 capable of 3. This laptop also features 3 USB 3. This computer is an absolute beast for the price, so take advantage of it. The Razer Blade Pro is one of the fanciest laptops on the market right now. It features the most compact mechanical keyboard, intuitive placement of the touchpad to the right of the keyboard, and a massive 17 inch screen with a 4K resolution.

This laptop also includes Intel i7 chipsets, with the option of 3. The base model GLVD includes a quad-core 3. It has a decently sized This laptop even has a connection for an ethernet cable. As a producer, these are all the connections you should need. As for the physical aspects, this laptop features a gaming keyboard designed to feel a lot like a mechanical keyboard. It has a 2. This will result in a much more pleasant music production experience. It also features RGB Lighting, this will allow you to change the look of your laptop as you vibe out in the studio!

This laptop might not be as slim as some of the others on this list, but it sure does pack a punch! Check out the full specs, prices, and breakdown of this laptop at the ASUS website. Oddly enough, the 15 inch version of this laptop is more expensive than the 17 inch version. Both models include a quad-core 2. The processor is undoubtedly the weakest part of this computer, but the fact that it has 16GB of RAM should be enough to minimize issues with music production.

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This laptop is a great cost-friendly option for people looking to get a new computer for producing. Check out the full specs, prices, and breakdown of this laptop at Lenovo's Website. There are a huge variety of options available for this laptop, and every model will breeze through anything involving music production. This laptop has the option of 3 processors to choose from.

The base model comes with a 3. Either option will be more than sufficient for music production.


This is great because you will have a huge amount of space for sample libraries and software for production. There are four graphics cards available as well.

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All of them are more than capable for music production. Many high powered laptops experience cooling issues because of the compact design, so this is definitely a plus. It features 3 USB 3. With so many features and so much power, this laptop is a killer deal! Check out the full specs, prices, and breakdown of this laptop on Dell's website. This laptop features a processor capable of 3.

To complement the graphics card, this laptop has a huge This is designed by MSI to deliver the truest, undistorted color possible. Connectivity wise, it features 2 USB 3. The program Garageband is included with all Mac computers and is essentially Logic Pro-lite, so you can often gauge if you'll enjoy Logic based on what you think of Garageband. However, regardless of which type of operating system you get, there's always the possibility of Reaper, a type of DAW that is truly a good example of a nearly free program that gives you the same customization and functionality of the most professional DAWs currently on the market.

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Why nearly free? Well, you can download the program for free, but you're recommended to make a donation.

Best laptop for music production - top 5 high end producer

This accessibility is also why Reaper is such a popular program for many musicians, as it's accessible by virtually anyone with a laptop and very similar to use on the same level as the industry standards. There are plenty of other DAWs available on the market, but those are the three most important ones to know.

The different types of laptops for music production are mainly based upon three elements: their operating system, built-in mics, and processors. To elaborate, the OS will often determine which types of DAWs the computer can access, the built-in mics allow people to record their music directly to the computer, and the processors allow the computer to keep track of many different files at once. Thankfully, most computers on the market today are capable of handling a large number of tracks happening at the same time, so the processors aren't something you should necessarily base your entire search upon.

To the same degree, built-in mics typically aren't good and I'd recommend more than you invest in either a USB interface, a USB microphone, or using your phone to record if you're planning to record. On top of this, many types of electronic music can be made solely through sampling other recordings, so the microphone part isn't even necessary.

An added benefit to some computers is that they have a lot of storage to store your music on. This is why I recommend getting a computer that has at least GB, though it's always possible to buy an external hard drive if you don't have enough space. When looking to purchase a computer for music production, it's most important to look at the operating system. The other factors mentioned in the previous section will also affect whether or not a certain laptop is good, as the factors that distinguish certain computers are also the things that consumers should be looking out for when in the market for a new device.

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To help aid you in your search, I've tested out a lot of different laptops on the market and will be sharing some reviews below so you can see the benefits and detriments of each option:. These models have different screen resolution, with the highest one reaching as much as x pixels.

There are items that support very large files of music, made of durable high-quality parts, and have a handy touchscreen. This is a truly wonderful laptop that is worth looking into for anyone who wants a versatile computer. MacBooks have set the standard for musicians everywhere, having support for the most programs and having intuitive interfaces that make it incredibly easy to quickly pick up and begin playing. There is a stereotype of Macs to not be as customizable as other devices, but this isn't nearly true. Even in the past 10 years, the number of options for those looking to make music on Macs have risen exponentially and now considerably tower over the other operating systems.

On top of all of this, Macs are also great examples of truly durable design, with the computers themselves lasting for very long periods of time. The only downside about having a Mac laptop is that they are typically very expensive, making price a hugely prohibitive factor for some people. However, it's worth noting that you truly get what you pay for, so think of it as a long-term investment. Any MacBook that you buy will likely last for years, allowing you to truly get the most out of it. Apple MacBook Pro: Check the current price. One of the first things you'll notice about this Surface Laptop is that it is in the same price range as the aforementioned MacBook Pro, but has a Windows Operating System.

I'm including this option on my list because I think it's worth having a high-quality computer that is Windows-capable, but it's worth saying that your DAW functions are a tad limited if you're using a Windows-run system. That being said, though, this product has a really durable design and also a handy touch screen, making it even more intuitive to use in live performances and other situations that require more interactive gestures.

I also love how it comes with GB, giving you a lot of storage to save things on. If you're somebody who doesn't need Logic Pro X but still wants a computer that gives you a great deal of versatility, I recommend you get this Surface Laptop. The only real limit with a device like this is your imagination, as there's also some pretty hefty processors and RAM that make it easy for your computer to run incredibly fast.