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If you have to use your personal contact information when buying a domain name for a website you're creating, always opt in for the domain privacy feature—even if it costs extra. If you want to run a classified ad and have people get in touch with you via email, use a site like Craigslist that provides a temporary email address for communicating. If for some reason you absolutely have to publish your email address online, at least write it in a nontraditional format e. Humans can still figure out what your email address is this way, but it's more difficult for scrapers, spiders, and crawlers.

Another way that spammers collect email addresses is by sending emails that contain a tracking pixel—typically a 1x1px image—that tracks whether or not an email was opened. If you open a spam email that contains a tracking pixel, the spammer gets a notification that the email was opened and now knows your email address is both active and monitored. So even if you realize after the fact that it's spam and don't click any links within the email, it's too late.

The best way to avoid having your email address captured in this way is simply to avoid opening emails from senders you don't recognize. However, that's not always practical—an email from an unknown sender could be a current customer, potential customer, job offer, or other unexpected but important message.

If you need to open emails from senders you don't recognize, there are ways to avoid getting your email addresses captured by senders using tracking pixels:.

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If you use Outlook , , , , or , images are blocked by default. Never ask Outlook to display images from senders you don't recognize, and you should be safe from most tracking pixels. If you use Outlook. If you're concerned about tracking pixels, it might be worth upgrading to Office If you use Mail for Mac , images display by default, but you can turn that feature off.

2. Filters and Blocked Addresses

With Mail for Mac open, click Mail and select Preferences. Then, click the Viewing tab, and uncheck the box that says "Load remote content in messages. While these tips make a big difference, they're not foolproof. Experts have discovered 70 different ways tracking pixels can be sent—as links, fonts, images, and text colors.

How I Use Mail Rules To Get Rid Of Spam For Good.

In the end, the best defense against tracking pixels is to send suspicious emails to the trash without opening them. Clicking on links in spam emails is another way to indicate that your email address is active and monitored. If an email seems suspicious, don't click on any links in it—not even the unsubscribe link. Even if the email appears to be from a trusted source like your bank or LinkedIn, open your browser and go to the site directly instead of following the link in the email.

This protects you not only from tracking—but also from phishing attempts. Our final tip is pretty simple: Most companies won't abuse the information. But some will. For example, last year I gave my email address to a company in order to get a notification when its product went on sale. I never received the requested notification, but I've received dozens of spam emails from other companies since then, each selling similar products. The original company obviously just took my email address and sold it to several other companies. If you only give your email address to well-known companies and businesses that you trust, it's much less likely that your email address will get sold to spammers.

But even if you do know and trust a company, it's good to read through their privacy policies before providing your contact information. Some include clauses that give them permission to share your contact information with "partner companies":. It's a doozy to read through the privacy policies of every site to which you provide your email address, but it's an important part of preventing spam. Pro Tip: If you must provide your email address to a company but don't have time to read through all of its policies, check out the tips in the next section for a few more options to consider.

As a writer—and particularly someone who writes frequently about web apps—I have to test a lot of tools and download a lot of gated content.

How to Block Unwanted Emails in Gmail

Every time I investigate new apps, I find some that I want to keep. But I never want to keep all of the tools I try, and I certainly don't need to receive ongoing promotional emails from each company.

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And though I get fewer promotional emails since GDPR rules were put into place, it's still time-consuming to unsubscribe from dozens of marketing email lists each week. As a result, I've found several alternatives to providing my primary email address to companies when I know my interaction with them will only be temporary.

If you're trying to cut down on the number of incoming emails but still want tips from Zapier in your inbox, we have you covered. Zapier lets you choose which emails you get—if you sign up for blog updates, you'll only get blog updates. If you have an account, go to your notifications settings to select which emails you want to receive. Create a free, secondary Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook.

How to Automatically Delete Spam on Mac OS X

This is my go-to method of avoiding an overload of promotional emails in my primary account. And it's important because—as you can see in the image above—my junk email account gets dozens of promotional emails every day. There are new emails in my inbox right now, and I emptied it just a few weeks ago.

If you decide later to keep a tool you were testing—or if you decide you want to receive emails from a company—just change your email address in their system to your primary email. When you receive more mail, mark messages as junk or mark them as not junk. Mail creates a Junk folder and prompts you for permission to move all junk messages to this folder. After you review everything in the Junk folder, you can delete what it contains and send it to the Trash folder. To save a message from junkdom, click the Not Junk button in the preview window and then drag the message from the Junk folder message list to the desired folder in the Drawer.

Dealing with junk mail. SpamSieve 2. A must-have spam filter for your Mac email client. How to unlock an iOS device when you've forgotten your password or changed Change Apple Watch app grid to list view.

4 Ways to Block an Email Address on iPhone - wikiHow

Stop unwanted emails at your email host Enable any spam-filtering options available. IDG SpamSieve uses word frequency in messages you mark to predict whether a given message fits your definition of spam. Decades into the spam battle, the weapons of defense still seem pretty paltry.