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Enable it on the Firefox advanced configuration
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  3. MozBackup - Backup tool for Firefox and Thunderbird

Now, on to creating a proper Mac application to run Firefox with your chosen profile. Replace MyProfile with the name of the profile you created earlier Choose File — Save As, and save it wherever you want to keep it. Leave the File Format as Application in the Save dialog.

Make sure that it is not locked bottom right corner —. And that is it, your new Firefox Application is ready to go. You can open this even when you have the default Firefox running.

What it is

And, of course, you can create as many such application as you like. One of my favourites is Carbon Firefox , or try a Google search for icons. I suspect this is because Mozilla has changed how Firefox handles profiles since the time this article was written.

Setting up your profiles

I have OSX Just finished working with this in Firefox 8. However, if you leave the quotes around the profile name out, it will ope the profile without prompting. Having a different launcher icon is nice. Automator is being used to execute Firefox, just like a shell or batch script.

How to configure Firefox color management

I too would love to have different icons, and even more, truly different application instances so that command-tab app switching would work properly. See screenshot below.

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Note: After step 5 you might have to right click on your copied Firefox. Drag your new icon to the old icon in the top left of the window.

MozBackup - Backup tool for Firefox and Thunderbird

See How do I choose what types of information to sync on Firefox? To copy all of your Firefox data and settings to another Firefox installation e. For instructions, see Back up and restore information in Firefox profiles. If you have important information from an old Firefox profile, such as bookmarks, passwords, or user preferences, you can transfer that information to a new Firefox profile by copying the associated files.

For instructions, see Recovering important data from an old profile. You can also switch to a previous profile to recover old profile data. See Recover user data missing after Firefox update for details.

Was this article helpful? Note : You can manage profiles from the About Profiles page when Firefox is open. If Firefox won't start or you need certain options , you can also start the Profile Manager when Firefox is closed.

If you have multiple installations of Firefox, see below. Close Firefox if open , press , type firefox. If the above instructions do not work or if you have multiple installations of Firefox, use the following instructions instead.